Workforce Development


The MADE in SC Workforce Development Plan will engage a diverse group South Carolina institutions that bring complementary approaches and expertise to the MGI paradigm through a strategic faculty hiring and development program across the CRU/PUI spectrum. The addition of new curricula extending from high school to graduate programs - coupled with high capacity research and training opportunities that emphasize diversity - will satisfy the growing need for a qualified, well-trained materials workforce into the next decade and improve STEM career preparation for SC students from all backgrounds. The initiative will further impact the vocational/manufacturing community through the participation of the Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SiMT), a subsidiary of FDTC.

MADE in SC will provide transformative and translational training and research activities across the STEM educational spectrum through the engagement of a cohesive network of CRU, PUI and technical institutions, cooperatively contributing to the knowledge base critical for an integrated approach to advanced materials design, assembly and manufacture.

Objectives of MADE in SC include:

    1. MADE in SC will increase South Carolina capacity in advanced materials design and education workforce
      • Recruit and mentor faculty to support materials research
      • Improve instrumentation infrastructure
      • Provide developmental research Funding
      • Recruit and support a thriving graduate student population engaged in MADE in SC research activities
    2. Develop a well-trained pipeline of students
      • Develop curricula and research programs to support materials science training and education of undergraduates
      • Train educators to engage pre-college students in advanced materials exposures
    3. Develop the SC Infrastructure necessary for translating materials research into an economic engine for growth
      • Develop incentive programs for entrepreneurs

More details to come.