REU Focus On

  • Dr. Shankar Banik, The Citadel, “Ensuring Fairly Timed Network Communication”
  • Dr. Mark Blenner, Clemson University, “Understanding the influence of kinetics and structure in CRISPR-Cas9 cutting of non-conventional yeast DNA”
  • Dr. Clifton Harris, Winthrop University, “Coupling of photo-oxidation and photo-reduction catalysts for the prevention of decomposition under illumination for sustainable water splitting.”
  • Dr. Aaron Hartel, Winthrop University, “Reaction of Protected Cyanohydrin Anions with Epoxides as an Alternative for the Enantio and Disastereoselective Preparation of Aldols”
  • Dr. Joan Marler, Clemson University, “Atomic Physics with Trapped Ions Summer REU at Clemson University”
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Melgar, Clemson University, “Understanding Light Responses of Blackberry Cultivars Grown in South Carolina for Reducing White Drupelet Disorder”
  • Dr. Eric Montie, University of South Carolina Beaufort, “Recording Estuarine Soundscapes to Investigate Phenological Shifts and Changes in Fish Reproduction Associated with Climate Variability”
  • Dr. Samir Raychoudhury, Benedict College, “The Effects of Humic Substances on Acute Toxicity of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons”

SC EPSCoR Research Experiences for Undergraduates Funding Program